Beautiful medical websites

5 beautiful medical websites for your inspiration

When patients choose a healthcare provider, they no longer depend on the physician’s or GP referral only. More than ever, patients do their own online research before visiting a specialist or physician
Beautiful medical websites

5 beautiful medical websites to get inspired

Els van der Veire - Co-founder Digital Practice

Els Van de Veire

March 30, 2021

The rise of digital technology has given patients increased access to information. More than ever, they have a world of information at their fingertips. To stand out in the crowd, you want your web presence to be visibly attractive to come across as  professional and credible. Here are 5 stunning medical websites to get you inspired.

Google receives more than 1 billion health questions every day. People search for treatments or they google their symptoms. They look for specialists in a specific area. And they check out their GP referral online.

If you show up in their search you want to make sure you make a great first impression. Compare it to a date. Or a shopping window. It’s the first thing they see of you before your receptionists even answer the phone.

Below I have listed 5 beautiful medical websites for your inspiration. Enjoy!

The Woom

beautiful medical websites

The Woom is a women’s health medical website that is elegant and classy. With its soft feminine colours avoiding cliche pink, this website is one you better bookmark for future reference.

Not only does this website attract new patients, but the design also attracts new team members who quickly find out that this warm, vibrant clinic might be their ideal workplace. Believe me, we know, because we happen to have created the brand, brand name, logo, tagline and the entire web strategy.

So if you are thinking of a makeover for your women’s health clinic website, bookmark and Our unique content marketing methodology attracts the right gynaecology patients to your clinic.

Obesity Surgery WA

beautiful medical websites

This website looks different, contemporary and provides a lot of educational content, styled in an attractive format. The design is easy to navigate and user-friendly. The types of bariatric surgery are listed on the homepage, each with a short synopsis of what-to-expect. Check out the responsive version too: simply stunning medical website design!

American Diabetes Association

beautiful medical websites

This beautiful medical website for the American Diabetes Association stands out on multiple levels. The sticky navigation bar at the left is anything but conventional. And it works well, both on desktop and mobile. What we love about this website is that it combines real images with lots of educational content: from general information about the types of diabetes to treatment and management of diabetes, and community-focused information such as patients stories and the hashtag #connectedforlife.

Dr Jeremy Rawlins

beautiful medical websites

I don’t know about you, but if I ever needed plastic surgery, this is the doctor I would trust. His personality pops out through his videos and the web design is in line with the elegance and class that this plastic surgeon puts forward.

Other than stunning imagery, which is consistent throughout the design, this website doesn’t fail to deliver educational and search-engine optimised content. This website is another one you should bookmark as the web strategy has been thought through and the design is a simple reflection of the message that this surgeon wants to get across: no cheap-package-deal kind of cosmetic surgeon.

The Fertility Society of Australia and New Zealand

beautiful medical websites

Because of its simplicity, the website of The Fertility Society of Australia and New Zealand does three things really well: educating the general public, attracting new members and addressing the media.

The colours are different and unconventional. The font is clean and crisp. The images are well-chosen. The amount of white-space is balanced. All combined, this website is attractive and easy-to-navigate for the 3 audiences it serves.

If you are working for a medical association and you are looking into upgrading your old website’s design, or you want an entirely new website, get in touch with

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beautiful medical websites

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