We are a 2021 Australian Web Awards finalist!

We are a finalist in the 2021 Australian Web Awards in the Small Business Category for incredible work on the Jeremy Rawlins website. Not our words but those of the jury. In this article, we talk about the deeper impact of your web design on the growth of your private health practice and its visibility.

2021 Australian Web Awards

Digital Practice finalist in the 2021 Australian Web Awards

Kris Borgraeve - Co-founder Digital Practice

Kris Borgraeve

April 23, 2021

Premium designs recognised by the industry

2021 Australian Web Awards

The Australian Web Industry Association AWIA is the leading association for web industry professionals in Australia. As a member, we value their work because AWIA builds bridges between creatives.

Now our efforts are not about winning awards. They are about delivering premium content marketing strategies to specialist doctors. One pillar of that work is to create top quality designs for every single medical website, simply because a patient is a consumer and reacts differently to a quality website, compared to an outdated or poor one.

This recognition, becoming a finalist of the 2021 Australian Web Awards, rewards the hard work that our design and development team puts into every single website, with a relentless passion for quality and detail.

Does top design bring me more patients?

2021 Australian Web Awards

That’s a question I often get, when I speak to a practice manager or a specialist doctor. Does wearing a clean suit bring more patients? Does a friendly receptionist help you grow your practice? After a few metaphors, you would get the picture, but there’s more to it. Quality medical web design is there to give the patient a pleasant experience and an effective one. If your patient demographics include mainly over 65-year-old patients, you don’t want to be flashy. If your patients are all women, you don’t want it to look corporate. A welcoming, clean and mobile-friendly design makes patients stay. The longer they stay, the more Google detects that your pages are worth displaying as a search result. In other words: design helps you rank on Google, attract more traffic, which in its turn tells Google it can send more patients your way. What a beautiful loop to be in, don’t you think?

It’s not just about what you like

2021 Australian Web Awards

Discussing medical web design for your private practice is not just about telling someone which colour you like and which examples you love.

Design has many components, and some of them are the conversation subject of creative experts: usability, contrast when using navigation buttons, colour combinations and colour psychology, white space around icons and images, text-images ratio and the use of contemporary fonts, appearance on various screen sizes. And so on.

This is also where design and development go hand in hand and are to be seen as two pillars of your web presence. In other articles, we will talk about the specific development requirements to create a successful medical website.

So just when you thought you already had a great design, allow us to challenge you.

Let’s be brave and plan that in-depth design check-up, to see if your design is actually bringing you the patients you need, in order to grow your practice.

Book a free 1:1 below if you think you are ready for some great ideas about your next web design. We may go for an award-winning project, but most of all, we are here to help you gain the trust of your next group of patients.

In the meantime allow us to celebrate this Finalist position and to share some of our joy and gratitude with you. And thank you Mr Jeremy Rawlins for the journey and the creative co-production!

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2021 Australian Web Awards

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